The Icelandic Church at this place is now finished and opening services will take place next Sunday, at which time the cornerstone will be laid.  The building, though not large, is very neat and well proportioned. The main structure is 32 by 42 feet; on the north side is a chancel measuring 14 by 18, while on the south, facing the street is a vestibule from which rises the steeple which is 85 feet high.  The congregation has for several years been contemplating this step, but has found itself unable, being but few in number and in moderate circumstances, and it was only by redoubled efforts that the work could be accomplished this year.  The pews and pulpit have been purchased by the Ladies Aid Society, for $260 and the chandeliers by the young ladies for $55. The total cost of the church when finished and totally furnished as contemplated will exceed $3,000.  This structure adds greatly to our pretty village, and will, we hope, prove a potent factor in the maintenance and promotion of Christianity and morality among us. The citizens who have so liberally contributed to this undertaking will have cause to rejoice in having been able to assist in attaining to these ends.

We congratulate St. Paul's Church - both pastor and people - and wish them a very happy day next Sunday. We know that they now rejoice more than they have ever had occasion for in the past, and their hearts beat fervently at this time for the cause they hold dearest and holiest. We wish, also, that during the years to come they may be abundantly blessed in their work, and that their church may ever be found firm in the foundation laid by the Master's hand.

- The Minneota Mascot December 6, 1895