Southwest Minnesota State University History Center in Marshall Minnesota

They have obituaries from papers that go back to the 1800's, cemetery listings, histories, and biographies of people in Lyon county.

Jan Louwagie is in charge of the History Center.

The telephone number is (507)537-7373.

The History Center is open from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Volunteers do lookups for inquires relating to Genealogy.

Here is one set of data they have:

Marshall, Minnesota School District 8 was designated by the County Commissioners in 1872 and officially organized the following year. Miss Diana Wheeler conducted the first class of 35 students at the new Congregational Church at Marshall. By 1875, a new octagonal schoolhouse was build for 250 students. By 1892 Marshall had a High School and a Grade School through 8th grade. The city budget for schools in the 1890's was in the range of $30,000. This expense fueled debate on whether Marshall should keep allowing students in neighboring towns to attend Marshall High School and whether the Grade School should ban 5 year olds. By law children were required to attend school and parents of children who failed to attend school were liable for fines up to $50.00. This law worried immigrants new to the Marshall area because the immigrants were afraid the public schools would undermine the old country values they held dear. Required attendance at School also caused hardships for farm families that needed their children to help work the farm. Some rural families sent their daughters to work as "hired girls" at the wealthy city homes in exchange for room and board and the ability to attend school. Unfortunately Court Records record some of these "hired girls" became pregnant and were kicked out of the home by a scandalized wife. Farm children, especially boys, were needed for farm work in the spring and fall of the year and simply did not go to school until the farm work was completed.

In 1901, three Sisters of St. Joseph from St. Paul arrived in Marshall to open St. Joseph's Academy, a private boarding school for girls whose purpose was "the mental advancement and moral training of girls". St. Joseph academy was open to all denominations, but attracted mostly Catholic Irish, French Canadian, Poles, Germans and Belgian girls. By 1906, St. Joseph Academy accepted boys as well.

Marshall Senior High School Graduates: 1888-1900


Addison, Edith

Addison, Harry W.

Andrew, Minnie E.

Frost, William D.

Jackson, Nette

Sigvaldson, S.

Watson, Grace

Whitney, Mille


Butturff, N. Maude

English, Edward M.

Gislason, C.M.

Johnson, Peter A.

Lawrence, J. C.

Weikie, Anna L.


Butturff, Clyde

Cahill, Thomas

Dickie, Hugh

Downie, Margaret

Downie, Maud

Drake, Burt

Drake, Nellie

Drew, Arthur

Fiske, Edna

Forbes, Joseph

Page. Nabel

Salmon, Thomas

Sanders, Millie

Spong, Harry Benjamin


Davis, Esther

Davis, Mary

Humphrey, Julius

Salmon, Kate


Case, Frank

Lee, Gunerius,

Madison, Mame

Neil, Robert

Pierce, Addie

Snyder, Bertha


Cavanagh, John T.

Davis, John

Davis, Thomas E.

Gay, Harry R.

Link, Lillian C.

Link, Maude E.

Loomis, Elijah H.

Snap, Stella M.

Woman, Oscar


Buttson, Harry

Foley, Christopher

Langan, Alice


Baldwin, Gertrude

Dresser, Herbert Newton

Elliot, Florence May

English, William Kirk

Gislason, Haldor B.

Johnson, Lillian Christine

Link, Glen Roy

Link, Maude D.

Marsh, Ida Belle

Maynard, Laura Belle

Neil, Agnes Elizabeth

Nelson, Staci

Norton, Harvey Gordon

Snapp, Stella May

Warren, Fauntie Grace


Cummings, Nellie Elvia

Dresser, Mabel Agnes

Gislason, Arnie B.

Hall, Ida Bell

McGandy, Maude B.

McLennan, Charlie Thomas

Smith, John Phillip

Thurston, Corrington Waite


Andrews, George Luther

Breen, Maurice John

Champlain, Birdie Hortense

Davis, Elizabeth Ida

Elliot, Myrtle Hope

Galbraith, Harry Hamilton

Holm John Gunnlaugh

Hood, Robert McMaster

McGandy, Grace L.

Murray, Sarah Maude

Patterson, Edwin Gail

Richardson, Ada

Tucker, Marie Emabel

Watkins, Lurine May

Watson, Eva Maude


Boutelle, Anna Kimber

Burchard, Simeon James

Edwards, Christine Helga

Fiske, Nathan Milo

Green, Fred

Norton, Frank Egbert

Norton, Willis Irving

Von Williams, James


Chamberlain, Alice Rosalie,

Drager, Nicole

Gibbons, Charles Bayard

Hicks, Carrie Belle

Humphrey, James Lewis

Kennedy, Duncan Leroy,

McLellan, Duncan James

O'Brien, Lottie

Patten, Florence Amelia

Pehrson, Callie Maude

Throop, Frank Harvey

Wasson, Grace Eliza

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